The City of Minneapolis is promoting green movement initiatives by providing electrical vehicle charging stations at the Jerry Haaf Municipal Ramp.  This program is meant to decrease the amount of green gases, while providing an invaluable service to those drivers who own electric vehicles.

The Jerry Haaf Ramp is located across the street from City Hall at 424 South 4th Street; the vehicle entrances are located on both 5th Ave and 3rd Street. Once inside the facility our charging stations are located in the three parking spaces closest to the vehicle ramp exit. Please follow the ramp exit and EV signage.

The usability and features of these stations seems to be growing every day. After setting up an account and downloading the mobile app the user can monitor all aspects of their visit to the charging station. Your newly established account will collect and store all history pertaining to your actual usage. This usage information allows you to track your; start/end times, plug out detection, ground fault detection (GFCI trip), and over-current detection.  This is free and you need to only call to activate.