Where does the MplsParking App work?

The App is available to pay for parking at all City of Minneapolis on-street spaces.

Transaction Fees

How much does it cost to use the MplsParking App?

Remember, you can always pay at the meter or pay station without additional fees.

The costs for using the app are passed on only to those customers who use it. For those who choose to use the app, there are two options available.


Basic (non-member) Transaction Cost:

$0.25 per transaction

Preferred Member Transaction Cost:

$0.15 per transaction

Membership Types


 What are the Account Types?

 A. Online accounts and memberships are currently managed by Parkmobile®.  The two types of accounts are basic and preferred

Basic Account (No Membership -- no monthly fee)

Preferred Membership ($0.99 monthly fee per user or phone number)

Both types of account include:

  • Online or mobile app registration;
  • Push notifications and email parking alerts;
  • A transaction fee applies per parking session;
  • Up to 5 license plate numbers per account;
  • Up to 5 phone numbers (users) per account; and
  • The “Find My Car” function allows you to store the location of your parking space using GPS. Click on the “Find My Car” tab when you park to save your current location.


How do I change my account?

Online accounts and memberships are currently managed by Parkmobile®.  You can adjust your membership level by logging into your Personal Pages.  Once logged in, click Memberships on the left-hand navigation menu. Then review your current membership level information or choose a different membership level by clicking Change Membership.

Registration/Sign Up

Can I use MplsParking App if I don't have a smartphone?

Yes.  You may also use a web-enabled device (such as a tablet or laptop) or you can also use the MplsParking App through the automated phone system. The number you can call to pay for your parking is 1-877-727-5957. Transaction fees will apply ($0.25 for Basic Accounts; $0.15 for Preferred Accounts). Remember, you can always pay at the meter or pay station

How can I use the App if I have a "Windows" smartphone?

The branded MPLS Parking App is only available on IOS and Android; However you can click here to download Parkmobile's Windows/Blackberry/Amazon App which will work for paying you on-street space for the City of Minneapolis.


How do I Register an Account in the MplsParking App?  

Online accounts and memberships are currently managed by Parkmobile®.  Click here to Register for a new account or manage an existing account.


Parking Session Management

What if I accidentally pay for the incorrect space number?

It is very important to review all of your parking details before activating your parking transaction. Parking transactions can't be adjusted once started.  Should you start a transaction on the wrong space number, you will need to create a second parking session with the correct space number when the system resets after a three minute delay.  You also always have the option to pay for your parking at the meter or pay station.

Can I change a transaction if I entered in wrong information?

Parking transactions can't be changed after they are created. This a tamper-proof mechanism programmed into the app for security.

Can I stop a parking session before it ends?

You cannot stop your parking session once it has been started. Refunds are not available once a parking session has started.


Can I extend a parking session?

You may extend your parking sessions, but only up to the maximum time limit for that specific space. See the parking space delineator signage for details on time limits and paid parking periods. You cannot extend your parking time in areas that have restrictions or changes in limitations during your parking session. Where rates change (e.g. during events) a new rate may apply to extensions, so please review your transaction before committing to a new session.


How do I start or extend a session without a mobile phone, or in areas with no cellular service?

Please pay at the meter or pay-station. With the MplsParking App, you must have a mobile phone or web-enabled device with access to the Internet to use the service.  If you access to another phone, you may also call the toll-free app at 1-877-727-5957.


Account Management

How do I cancel my account?

Online accounts and memberships are currently managed by Parkmobile®. To cancel your account, send an e-mail message request to the Help Desk at and include your name, mobile number, and license plate number. Do not send any credit card information via email.  After the Help Desk cancels your account, you will receive a confirmation e-mail message. 


 How do I change my password?

Visit the Settings within the MplsParking App and choose Profile or User Settings


 How do I change or stop the text and/or email alerts I receive?

Online accounts and memberships are currently managed by Parkmobile®.  To adjust your alert settings you can log in to your account at Personal Pages with your username and password. Click Alerts & Messages on the left navigation menu to view your alert options, and make selections using the drop down menus.  Hover over the info button for specific information regarding each parking alert. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions regarding parking alerts.

If you are using the MplsParking App for iPhone, you can receive parking alerts via Push notification. You can turn on alerts for email or push notification (via iPhone).


How do I view and print my parking history?

Online accounts and memberships are currently managed by Parkmobile®. To view and print your parking transaction history:

1. Click and Sign in to your Personal Pages

2. From the left navigation list, click “Parking History.” The history page appears.

3. In the “period” fields, enter the date range of the parking history you want to view or click the calendar icons and select specific dates.

Tip: To retrieve a parking transaction for a specific date, select the same date on both calendars. Note that if the end date crosses over to the next day, you must select the next day on the second calendar.

4. To view parking transactions for a specific mobile phone number and/or vehicle within the selected date range, select the item from the corresponding list and then click “search.”  The results appear on the page. 

To view all parking transactions within the selected date range, click “search.”  The results appear on the page.

5. Click the” >symbol at the left edge of the text box in order to expand the transaction so that all the details are visible.

6. Save the parking history page with your payment verification on it as an image file or PDF. To print the transaction history, use the print function from your web browser. For example, click “file.” Then, select “print.”


 What payment methods does the MplsParking App accept?

Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards are accepted.
PayPal, Visa Checkout and the Wallet are "NOT" accepted.


 Can I get a refund?

Refunds may be only issued to customers whose fees were charged incorrectly due to system error or in error caused by the app.  To request a refund, please call 311. (Outside of Minneapolis, call 612-673-3000.)



How can I avoid getting a parking citation?

Adhere to all on-street parking regulations.  Start your parking transaction before you leave your car and ensure that you receive confirmation of your parking transaction.

Is Parking Free on Holidays?

City of Minneapolis parking metered spaces are not enforced on the following days:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Veteran's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day (and the day after Thanksgiving)
  • Christmas Day