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Looking to promote your company, products, or event in the skyway system and hallways in downtown Minneapolis? MPLS Parking offers an affordable option with our ultra-stretch digital signs!


MPLS Parking’s digital signs help set you apart from the competition by building credibility and brand recognition.

Promote your special event at the Minneapolis Convention Center or promote your business to thousands of Twins fans. There are a variety of events downtown that attract people from all walks of life.

Change your message weekly or daily – flexible and affordable for even small business owners.




Dimensions and Formats


screen dimensions


Static Images: JPG and PNG
Static images will be displayed for 5-seconds

Video with Full Audio: MP4
Videos can play for up to 15-seconds

Custom display times can also be accommodated.

Digital Sign Locations

View Digital Sign Maps Here


Leamington Digital Signs:

L1 (audio) and L2 – In the Skyway between the Leamington Ramp and the Hilton Hotel

Marquette Digital Signs:

M1 (audio) and M2 – in the skyway between the Hilton Hotel and the 11th and Marquette Ramp
M3 – single sign at the “T” in Marquette
M4 (audio) and M5 – corner of Marquette near Orchestra Hall
M6 and M7 (audio) – corner of Marquette near Hotel Ivy
M8 and M9 – not currently installed
M10 (audio) and M11 – M10 is the screen facing you as you enter the skyway from Marquette to the Convention Center
M12 – Single sign at the corner of the skyway
M13 – Single sign at the corner of the skyway
M14 (audio) and M15 – closest to Convention Center (M15 faces the convention center)

Plaza Digital Signs:

P1 (audio) and P2 – in the skyway between Plaza rotunda and Marquette Place Apartments
P3 – single sign, above doors from Plaza rotunda to Convention Center skyway
P4 – single sign, above rotunda pay station
P5 (audio) – single sign, facing elevators in Plaza rotunda
P6 (audio) and P7 – closest to convention center (P7 faces Convention Center)

Hawthorne Digital Signs:

1 – towards Ramp A (this screen is what you see when you are walking TOWARDS Ramp A) – AUDIO
2 – towards Greyhound Bus Terminal
3 – towards Ramp A – AUDIO
4 – towards Hampton Inn Hotel
5 – towards Ramp A – AUDIO

Skyway from Ramp A to B

6 – towards Ramp B
7 – towards Ramp A – AUDIO
8 – towards Ramp B
9 – towards Ramp A – AUDIO

Skyway from Ramp B to C

10 – towards Ramp C
11 – towards Ramp B – AUDIO
12 – towards Ramp C
13 – Towards Ramp B – AUDIO

Watch the digital signs in action!