Important RPC Program Update


Thank you for participating in the MPLS Parking Reloadable Parking Card (RPC) program.

This DOES NOT INCLUDE the Target Employee Program.

As of June 5, 2023 (the previous end date was May 1, 2023, and this has been extended), your RPC card will not work at LaSalle at 10th.

If you try using your RPC at this location the screen will read “unknown ticket”. If you do decide to park at this location, you will need to pull a ticket and you will be charged the posted rate.

Funds that have been placed on the card are NOT REFUNDABLE.

For detailed information regarding the Reloadable Parking Card program please visit the RPC  and the RPC FAQs webpages.


Where else can you park?

If you would like to continue using the RPC program, MPLS Parking suggests the following locations that are skyway connected and only blocks away: