Top 3 Target Center parking locations


Headed to a concert or Timberwolves game at the Target Center and tired of long exit times when leaving? You can easily make a parking reservation using a variety of different parking apps or pay using Zone parking which will allow for an even smoother exit. Here are our top 3 picks that are low-cost and skyway connected.

1. Hawthorne Transportation Center

Attached to Ramp A and only 1 block from the Target Center, the Hawthorne Transportation Center takes much less time to exit than Ramp A.

2. Hennepin at 10th

Hennepin at 10th is a great underground parking option that is only 2 blocks from the Target Center. You will stay warm and dry during inclement weather and walk to your event using the skyway system.

3. Ramp C

You can enter and exit Ramp C from 394 or 2nd Street. It’s a great option that’s only a block from the Target Center and skyway connected.