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Reservations & Zone Parking

Heading to downtown Minneapolis and need a parking spot? Guarantee your spot by creating a reservation by using one of the platforms below or using the MPLS Parking app or paying with Zone Parking on the MPLS Parking app. MPLS Parking has convenient parking facilities located near U.S. Bank Stadium, the Armory, Theatre district, Target Stadium, Target Field, and the Convention Center.

Reserve your parking spot or use zone parking with the MPLS Parking app!

What is Zone Parking?

Each participating facility has a “zone number”. You can easily pay with the MPLS Parking app by scanning the ticket you pulled at the entrance with the Zone Parking function on the app. When you leave the credit card you have on file will be charged. No waiting in line at a pay station or fumbling with a credit card at the exit.

The following locations accept reservation and zone parking:

Jerry Haaf Memorial Ramp: Zone 171
Hawthorne Ramp: Zone 173
Hennepin and 10th Ramp: Zone 174
11th and Underground (Hilton underground parking): Zone 175
Leamington Ramp: Zone 177
11th and Marquette Ramp: Zone 178
Plaza Ramp (underground parking): Zone 180
Riverfront Ramp: Zone 184
Ramp A: 181
Ramp B: 182
Ramp C: 183

What is Reservation Parking?

You can easily reserve a parking space by using one of the platforms below. Simply choose a participating location, date, and time. When you arrive you will scan the bar code on the app and the credit card you have on file with be charged when you leave.


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