RPC Get Started

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get started?

How will you communicate information to me?

  • All communication will be done through email. If you choose to have one staff member be the point person for your cards they will be responsible for relaying information to the group of cardholders.

I just received my card, what do I do?

  • Your card will be empty but will allow you to enter the ramp. When you hold the card up to the access column (read further for directions) the gate arm will lift. You will need to load the card at the pay station (please see video or instructions at the pay station).  Now that the card is loaded you can scan it at the exit column and the value will be taken out of your balance.
  • I didn’t load value to my card, what now? You will scan your card at the exit but you will be prompted to pay with a credit card – NO CASH AT EXIT.

I received an email stating I have been placed on a waitlist. Why is that and when will I receive my card?

  • You have been placed on the waitlist because we are currently out of stock and are waiting for more cards to arrive. We do not have an exact date when you will receive your cards but you will receive an email when your card is mailed out.

How do I load more parking on my card?

It is very important you follow the pay station prompts when loading your card. You must hold your card up to the yellow circle to activate the loading screen and once again after you have paid- this action will load the value onto your card. If you skip this step the value will not load properly.

  • Visit a participating MPLS parking pay station. Follow the instructions shown or watch the following video:

How do you enter and exit the parking facility?

  • The entrance column and exit column look very similar- the only difference is a credit card reader on the exit column.


  • Hold your card in front of the RPC reader until the gate opens.

  • Close up of card reader area.


How do I check to see how much is left on my card?

  • The amount that is on the card will read on the digital window at the entrance and exit columns.

If a location offers an Early Bird rate and I arrive when that is in effect, do I get that pricing?

  • No. The rate will always be the rate on your card.

Do I need to pull a ticket when I enter?

  • No, you will hold your card up to the card reader and the gate will open.

Our company offers commuter benefits. Can I use those to load this card?

  • All cards must be loaded at a participating pay station and paid for with a credit card or cash. Please check with your provider.

Can I leave and come back during the day?

  • These are called “In and Out privileges”. Once you leave your card will be charged the amount at the exit.

How long can my car be parked in the ramp?

  • If you enter at 8:00 am you have until midnight before you are charged an additional day.

I lost my card and need a new one.

  • Please email [email protected] Please note, you will not be reimbursed for the amount that was on the card when it was lost or stolen.

I no longer need to park downtown but have unused parking days left on my card. Can I get this refunded?

  • Unfortunately, we do not refund unused parking time on the RPC’s.

How much can I load on my card at one time?

  • You can load a max of $120.

Do I need to choose one parking location and always park at that location?

  • No, you can park at any one of the participating locations on any given day.

What locations are included in the RPC program:

  • Leamington: 1001 2nd Ave. South
  • 11th Street Underground (Hilton): 1030 2nd Ave. South
  • 11th at Marquette: 1111 Marquette Ave.
  • LaSalle at 10th: 915 LaSalle Ave. (Please note only the pay station located at the parking elevators NOT THE TARGET LOCATION is where you can load your Reloadable Parking Card)
  • Hawthorne: 31 North 9th Street
  • Hennepin at 10th: 934 Hennepin Ave.
  • Riverfront: 212 9th Ave. South
  • Mill Quarter: 711 south 2nd St.
  • Vineland: 727 Vineland Place

Is there a location closer to me?

  • If it’s not listed then we do not have a location closer to you.

Is there a contract I have to sign?

  • No, there is no contract for the RPC program. The cardholder is responsible for reloading their card. If you do not want to participate in the program simply stop using it. Any unused parking days will not be reimbursed.

How do I get a discount from one of the participating merchants?

  • Simply show your RPC card to the merchant and pay the remainder of the balance with a merchant-approved payment method such as cash or credit card.

How do I become a merchant?

Reloadable Parking Card amount subject to change without notice.