Bicycle Amenities


Bike Facilities

To help keep Minneapolis a premier bike-friendly city, we offer a number of benefits for bicyclists. Bike lockers and racks are available at several ramps throughout downtown.

Seasonal Nice Ride Stations are also available around most MPLS Parking Ramps.

If your journey continues on Metro Transit, pull-down bike racks are available on the front of all buses and upright bike racks are available in all light-rail trains. Learn how to travel with your bike on a bus or train.

Shower Facilities

Individuals who rent bike storage from MPLS Parking are able to add access to shower facilities for an additional charge. Shower facilities are located at Ramp A and Ramp B only.

We offer 6-month (seasonal), and 12-month (annual) contracts.

For more information visit ABC-Ramps or contact MPLS Parking.

Interactive Bicycle Map of downtown Minneapolis

The ABC Ramps Mobility Hub created an interactive map focused on downtown Minneapolis.

The map indicates a variety of important bike-focused landmarks including:

  • Showering facilities
  • Lockers and racks
  • Fix-it station
  • Streets with dedicated bike lanes

Once bikers have arrived downtown, remember the many different methods of connecting via bus, light rail, or skyway.


two men on Nice Ride bikes Minneapolis