MPLS Parking is integrated into all forms of transportation downtown. Wherever you’re coming from and wherever you’re going, we’ll help you reach your final destination quickly and safely. Our full range of amenities includes the following:


To help keep Minneapolis a premier bike-friendly city, we offer a number of benefits for bicyclists. Bike lockers and racks are available at several ramps throughout downtown. Shower facilities are also available at select ramps for more information visit ABC-Ramps or contact MPLS Parking.

Seasonal Nice Ride Stations are also available around most MPLS Parking Ramps.

If your journey continues on Metro Transit, pull-down bike racks are available on the front of all buses and upright bike racks are available in all light-rail trains. Learn how to travel with your bike on bus or train.

Biker Showers

Individuals who rent bike storage from MPLS Parking are able to add access to shower facilities for an additional charge. Shower facilities are located at Ramp A and Ramp B only.

We offer 6-month (seasonal), and a 12-month (annual) contracts. For more information contact Move Minneapolis.

Once bikers have arrived downtown, remember the many different methods of connecting via bus, light-rail or skyway. Multi-modal benefits at their best!!

EV Charging

The City of Minneapolis is promoting the green movement initiatives by providing electric vehicle charging stations at several downtown ramps. This program is meant to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases while providing an invaluable service to those drivers who own electric vehicles.

To begin find available locations visit ChargePoint and download the ChargePoint App to begin charging!

MPLS Parking currently offers electric vehicle charging stations at Jerry Haaf Ramp, Leamington Ramp, Ramp A, Ramp B, and Ramp C.


Our ramps and surface lots are conveniently situated near bus and rail routes to ensure you can quickly and easily continue your journey. Visit Metro Transit for maps and schedules for all bus and rail options.


Minneapolis’ skyway system connects office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, sports complexes, government centers, hotels, and the Convention Center.

Most of our parking ramps are connected to the skyway system – helping you arrive at your destination fast while protecting you from the elements.

Use this map to help you find your way to your final destination.


Carpool options are available with daily or monthly options.

In addition to using the carpool lanes throughout the Twin Cities, you can park for a fraction of the cost of a standard parking contract in the ABC Ramps when you ride with someone else while commuting outside of the downtown core. Carpool options are available with daily or monthly options.

Visit ABC for more information.