New Charter Bus System

Reloadable Parking Card


MPLS Parking now offers a flexible and affordable parking method with added value; card members will receive discounts from participating merchants just by showing their Reloadable Parking Card!

NOTICE: Do not have the card mailed to your office. Over half of the cards mailed to offices get returned.   All Reloadable Parking Cards are on a first come first serve basis and will be processed and mailed out within a week of registration.  Currently, there is no waitlist.  UPDATED 9/23/2022

The new Reloadable Parking Card (RPC) offers a variety of features that have been requested by Downtown workers including:

  • Affordable – Only $6 a visit!
  • Access card functionality- swipe at entrance and exit.
  • No contract.
  • Completely customer-managed. 
  • No hour restrictions (unlike Early Bird rates that require parkers to arrive before 9:00 am).
  • Reloadable in $6 increments at MPLS Parking pay station locations. Easy to read instructions at each pay station location.





MPLS Parking encourages all RPC users to watch the video below to learn about the Reloadable Parking Card program.

Access to a variety of MPLS Parking locations that are located throughout the downtown core

  • Hawthorne: 31 North 9th Street
    • Skyway Connected
  • Leamington: 1001 2nd Ave. South
    • Skyway Connected
  • 11th Street Underground (Hilton): 1030 2nd Ave. South
    • Skyway Connected
    • Underground
  • 11th at Marquette: 1111 Marquette Ave.
    • Skyway Connected
  • LaSalle at 10th: 915 LaSalle Ave. (*IMPORTANT* ONLY PARK IN THE PUBLIC PARKING LEVELS – DO NOT PARK ON THE TARGET LEVEL. IF YOU PARK ON THE TARGET LEVEL YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THE FULL AMOUNT) When you enter the ramp you will want to veer to the right.
    • Skyway Connected
    • Underground
  • Hennepin at 10th: 935 Hennepin Ave.
    • Skyway Connected
    • Underground
  • Riverfront: 212 9th Ave. South ($6 price not valid during US Bank Stadium event mode. The Leamington ramp or on-street parking is recommended)
  • Mill Quarter: 711 south 2nd St. ($6 price not valid during US Bank Stadium event mode. The Leamington ramp or on-street parking is recommended)
  • Vineland: 727 Vineland Place
    • Underground

Pay stations that accept RPC

Hawthorne – two (2) pay stations on skyway level

10th and Hennepin – one (1) pay station in elevator lobby (P1)

10th and LaSalle – one (1) pay station (P2)

11th and Marquette – three (3) pay stations (skyway level)

Leamington – two (2) pay stations (one on skyway level at elevators, one in the lobby)

11th St. Underground (Hilton) – two (2) pay stations in escalator lobby (P1)

Riverfront – three (3) pay stations (blue room at street level)

Mill Quarter – two (2) pay stations (elevator lobby at street level)

Vineland – four (4) pay stations (two in Walker lobby, one in middle elevator lobby, one in Hennepin Ave. lobby at street level)

Merchant Discounts

MPLS Parking is partnering with local small businesses to help drive traffic to their doorstep. Please consider visiting one of our small business partners that are providing RPC members discounts and special offers.

Participating Merchants: RPC Merchants

Need a new Reloadable Parking Card?

If you lost your card and need a replacement please complete this form and a new card will be mailed out to you. As a reminder, the balance will not be reimbursed on lost or stolen reloadable parking cards. There is a $6 fee for replacement cards.

It is important you schedule an appointment prior to visiting our office to ensure we have the staff available to meet your needs. You may be turned away without an appointment.

RPC Appointment

Is there an issue with your card and you need to visit our office staff? Please complete the Appointment Form  


Contact us about the RPC