Reloadable Parking Card



MPLS Parking offers a flexible and affordable parking option for today’s hybrid workers for just $6.

Starting June 5, 2023, the RPC program (this excludes the Target Employee Member Program) will no longer be available at LaSalle at 10th. Please use Hennepin at 10th, Leamington, Hawthorne, or 11th at Marquette. Read additional information here.


This parking option is best for those that are in the office 1-3 days a week.

The Reloadable Parking Card (RPC) is similar to a reloadable debit card. This program is managed by the user and no data including amounts added to the card is tracked by MPLS Parking.

Funds are loaded at a participating pay station by the user and when the user exits the parking facility the amount is deducted from the card. If no funds are preloaded onto the card the user will be prompted to pay using a credit card.

Availability Update:  Currently, there is no waitlist. If you are interested in a Reloadable Parking Card please complete the online registration form and you will be updated through email when your card will be available.

We apologize for the delay and thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

UPDATE: You no longer need to set up an appointment to meet with an RPC customer service agent.


Orange APPLY NOW Button for Reloadable parking card

Blue button read reloadable parking card FAQs

Reloadable Parking Card Participating Locations*

* If you have a corporate-partnered Reloadable Parking Card please check with your organization on participating locations as these differ from standard locations.

** not applicable during US Bank Stadium events. Users that park at these locations during US Bank Stadium events will be charged the event rate.

Reloadable Parking Card Pay Station Locations

Hawthorne – two (2) pay stations on the skyway level
10th and Hennepin – one (1) pay station in the elevator lobby (P1)
10th and LaSalle – one (1) pay station (P2)
11th and Marquette – three (3) pay stations (skyway level)
Leamington – two (2) pay stations (one on skyway level at elevators, one in the lobby)
11th St. Underground (Hilton) – one (1) pay station in the escalator lobby (P1)
Riverfront – three (3) pay stations (blue room at street level)
Mill Quarter – two (2) pay stations (elevator lobby at street level)
Vineland – four (4) pay stations (two in Walker lobby, one in the middle elevator lobby, one in Hennepin Ave. lobby at street level)


Disclaimer: MPLS Parking reserves the right to increase the rate of the Reloadable Parking Card at any time.